Self-Serve Open Merchandisers

Lo-profile front for easy customer access.

General Details

Product Information

  • Easy customer access
  • Lo-profile front
  • 54″,72″,79″ and 96″ wide models, 31″ or 36″ deep
  • Mirrored interior
  • T8 high output fluorescent lighting; dramatic trac lighting optional
  • Patented Culuka® slat wall optional
  • Tempered glass shelves and/or adjustable bouquet display system provided for complete merchandising flexibility
  • Double-pane, insulated glass end panels available
  • Hi-gloss, thermoset, abrasion resistant powder coat exterior finish
  • Custom colors or other exterior finishes available
  • Refrigeration systems engineered for optimum operating temperature, optimum relative humidity levels and balanced air distribution
  • Digital thermometer factory installed
  • Remote/on-line systems with or without factory installed custom control packages
  • Self-contained refrigeration system, top mount with full length cover



  • Steel construction with urethane/polystyrene/fiberglass insulation
  • High gloss black abrasion resistant thermo set powder coat exterior and interior finish
  • 20% more merchandising capacity with reduced front profile
  • Dual lamp T8 H.O. overhead lighting
  • Five tier merchandising capacity
  • Interchangeable tempered glass shelving and bouquet racks
  • 50%/50% bouquet/arrangement set
  • 75%/25% bouquet/arrangement set
  • 100% bouquet set
  • Telescoping bouquet racks with adjustability from 26″ – 46″
  • Adjustable rack brackets: 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″
  • Mirror interior rear and end panels
  • Tempered glass display shelving with brackets and cushion shelf supports
  • McCue lack bumper, factory installed
  • Digital thermometer
  • Six inch base with access panel
  • Self-contained top mount or remote systems
  • Custom controls and piping per customer specifications
  • Custom exterior finish available
Techical Info


Width: 54″, 72″, 79″, 96″, 103″
Depth: 31″ or 36″

Telescoping bouquet racks with adjustability from 26″ – 46″
Adjustable rack brackets: 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″



Lighting: MR16 lo heat halogen or LED lighting
Merchandising: Culuka® pvc 3″ slat wall in lieu of rear mirror
Glass panels: Double-pane, insulated, normal temp for ends

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