Custom Refrigerators

Reach-in, Walk-in, Storage, Combination.

General Details

Product Information

  • Totally flexible in size and shape
  • Reach-in, walk-in, display, storage or combinations available
  • T8 high output display lighting standard. Dramatic low heat, high output track lighting optional. Combination systems available
  • Curved or flat double-pane insulated glass ends available
  • Partition walls where desired
  • Full length all glass reach-in or walk-in display doors standard
  • Digital thermometer, vapor-proof light, unheated relief vent all standard and factory installed
  • 34″ x 86″ self-closing service door standard. Optional door sizes and features available
  • Black or white stucco exterior and interior standard; other finishes available
  • Rigid galvanized steel with urethane foamed-in-place insulation panel construction (R34)
  • Non-corrosive, quick CAM lock mechanisms for airtight panel sealing
  • Insulated floor sections optional
  • Shelving available: tempered glass for display, wire, or metal for storage
  • Two tier step merchandisers available
  • Refrigeration systems engineered for optimum operating temperatures, optimum relative humidity levels and proper air distribution
  • Remote/On-line systems with or without custom or computer controls
  • Self-contained system with remote condenser available
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