MEI is focused on the environmental components of our new and existing products, the processes that produce them, and our suppliers. Our objective is to continuously review each of them to significantly reduce emissions and energy uses.

Currently we offer a number of products which contribute to a better environment for all of us:


  • All MEI refrigeration systems are R404A or 134A unless otherwise specified by the client.
  • Our powder coatings emit no VOCs.
  • In 2008 we are changing to a zero ODP and zero GWP polyurethane insulating foam that is Kyoto and Montreal Protocol compliant and USA EPA-SNAP approved.
  • We use PSC or EC evaporator fans that draw less than half the amps of traditional shaded pole fans. We provide EC motors exclusively in California as mandated.
  • We are researching micro-channel condensers that improve efficiency by 15% – 20% and reduce the refrigerant charge as much as 58%.
  • Our display door frames use high output ballasts and low wattage heaters. The fluorescent lamps are T8 HO and we will soon be offering optional LED lighting.
  • In our manufacturing processes we recycle and use energy saving devices.
    We work with our suppliers, encouraging them to use green materials.


  • All laminates are GREEN-GUARD Certified and can be used to obtain credits for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • We are evaluating and testing adhesives for VOC content to meet LEED specifications
  • All MDF or particleboard material is an Environmentally Preferred Product (EEP) certified to the accredited and internationally based Grademark Program. It is also in compliance with the utilization of 100% recovered or recycled raw materials and adherence to ANSI formaldehyde standards.
  • Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified materials are available on request
    On-going, MEI will continue to expand our list of energy and environmental practices.